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Explore the heart of Šumadija

Plenty of choices for a fulfilling vacation

When you know that in the vicinity of Zdravkovac there are so many different locations that can enrich your vacation, you won’t need to travel too far to experience so much while truly invigorating in the nature and peace of our countryside resort.

These are some of the ideas that you can easily explore and experience during your stay with us:

Marked walking paths will easily dislocate you from everyday life. While getting to know the nearest surroundings of Zdravkovac, you can visit a real archaeological site, the church of Đura’s cell from the 15th century, as well as the Jarmenovačka river, whose gurgling brings joy to our lovely Šumadija village.

You are not probably aware of how many picturesque wineries there are in Šumadija Tuscany! A glass of good wine is the right reason for a wine trip on the Šumadija wine route, first through the Oplenac area, which includes as many as 10 wineries. Venčac wine tour, which stretches from Aranđelovac to Belgrade, is also close by.

An exciting encounter with history awaits you on the Oplenac hill (Topola), where the Endowment Complex of King Peter I with the magnificent Church of St. Đorde, King Peter’s house, Karađorđe’s town, the King’s cellar…

You can satisfy your adventurous appetite by conquering the most beautiful peaks of Rudnik. Ostrvica (758m), the remains of a destroyed volcanic mound, declared a natural monument, together with Veliki Šturac at 1132m will serve this purpose well while enriching your spirit, as well as your physical condition.

The entire Rudnik mountain is a hiding place of numerous monasteries, which played an important role in the preservation of the Serbian national being, representing religious and cultural center from the time of Nemanjić dynasty. Discover: Nikolje, Blagoveštenje, Voljavča, Petkovica…

An original sightseeing area, located 13 km from us, right next to the Ibarska highway, will be interesting for the youngest because of the largest swing in the country, as well as for the fans of unusual ideas inspired by the seventh art.

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