Reservations required

Meal concept

Tasty and fresh, like at home

In Zdravkovac you will not find sophisticated dishes from contemporary kitchens, nor culinary virtuosos. Yet, our meals smell like home and the most delicious home-made recipes that everyone like, which we have chosen for our guests with a lot of care and love, so that you can enjoy the finest Serbian cuisine, a village can offer. Gibanica, slow cooked veal under the ’’sach’’, sarmice with greens and ’’chokanj’’ of sliviovica will make everyone hungry without much persuasion. There is also kajmak, fresh cheese, seasonal fruit and some well-known  brands from our neighbourhood as well, to fulfil the impressions of Šumadija. We are proud to say that we belong to the Serbian village and see only the best in it.


After an invigorating sleep supported by scented air from the Rudnik mountain, a freshly prepared home-cooked breakfast is served to our guests every morning (included in the price of lodging).

With the smell of the first homemade coffee and warm bites from the hot oven, your day already smells good.

Breakfast hours: 8:00 – 10:00

Boarding meals

We will be happy to prepare additional meals for you during  your stay so that you can enjoy and relax carefree:

Lunch hours: 14:00 – 16:00

Dinner hours: 19:00 – 21:00

The meal offer is only available for guests using the accommodation or hosting an event in the club.


Be assured that we will take a homely approach when it comes to preparing food for various events, which means that the plates will remain empty.

We will prepare a fresh roasted meat in traditional Serbian roastery, while you will remember the smell of the grilled meat for a long time because we prepare it so that it is served hot, always purchased only from proven suppliers.

Don’t worry because we manage vegetarian meals as well, aware of the importance of a balanced diet.