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Welcome to Zdravkovac

a place for enjoyment, energy renewal and inspiration

We invite you to meet the most beautiful face of Serbia, which will remind connoisseurs of Tuscany.

while the romantic atmosphere hints at a touch of Provence.

Still, this is pure Šumadia, in its finest shade of green.

With love for you

Interesting and authentic, Zdravkovac offers its guests a dominant feeling of relaxation with all the advantages of a modern lifestyle and various contents, lovingly packed into an unforgettable ambiance, which you will simply love.

The experience of the Šumadija village framed by the surrounding scenery of Mount Rudnik, the famous air spa, along with the modern infrastructure of our glam camping resort, located just an hour’s drive from Belgrade, will naturally take you with its simplicity and beauty.

90KM od Beograda

Vazdušna banja

600M nadmorske visine

Pešačke staze

obroci uz smeštaj

53 Ležajeva


3 otvorena bazena

Dve sale za sastanke

Team Building

Teretana, sauna, mini teren za sport

Dnevne proslave do 250 ljudi

Besplatan parking

Internet mreža na celom imanju

Look & Feel

Our resort differs in many ways from the places and tourist facilities you have had the opportunity to visit so far.

We can’t convey the overall impression, energy, feeling of freedom or clean air with a picture, but you will surely recognize in the photos that our first neighbour is nature.

When you visit us, it will be clear to you that such a spacious and well-organized rural property with modern infrastructure, practically in an undiscovered natural environment, is a real rarity.