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Time for Two

Sometimes, it is enough to go for a short trip, plan a weekend getaway for yourself and your partner, and simply enjoy talking to each other, and waking up, eating your breakfast and drinking your coffee slowly and without any hurry.

Everyone who is hungry for the gentle, soothing tones of mere existence will enjoy the rhythm of Zdravkovac, which will make it easier to reconnect with yourself and with your partner.

A romantic dinner tucked away in a separate part of the property, relaxing at the spa center, drinking good wine while enjoying a beautiful sunset, and a perfect view of the clearings of Šumadija, will make you feel like you’re the stars of a movie classic, without having to travel too far and spend millions. You will experience the greatest wealth in a completely simple way, giving yourself over to the relaxing and cozy atmosphere of Zdravkovac, hand in hand with the one your love.