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The Good Old Days

If you’re feeling nostalgic, or just as an experiment for new generations, come to Zdravkovac and revive time with your friends & family the way it used to be before cell phones: with cards, dominoes, yahtzee, darts or table tennis.

Even though we have access to Wi-Fi in Zdravkovac, and although we know that you probably won’t resist sharing a selfie on one of the social networks – it will certainly be useful, and it may even seem exotic nowadays, to spend some time offline.
…reading a book under a tree,
…lying on the grass, making a flower wreath,
…chatting with your loved ones face to face, not via social networks,
…walking hand in hand with your family, guessing the names of trees and plants,
…simply watching your kids play,
We can help you design your own analog activity and let yourself go, if only for a couple of hours.