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Zdravkovac offers the opportunity of enjoying various activities, depending on your mood and your needs. From simply taking a break and relaxing in the nature, having spontaneous gatherings with your family, to organized sports activities for business needs or romantic getaways for two.

  • Restaurant for guests staying in the club, or for the needs of hosting various private events.
  • Two outdoor swimming pools: for adults and for children.
  • Playground.
  • 20-seat conference room.
  • Massages performed by a physiotherapist and a mini gym (massages are additionally charged and require reservation in advance, while the use of a mini gym is included in the price of overnight stay).
  • Dedicated playing area for boules (pétanque), table tennis and similar recreational outdoor activities.
  • Running and hiking trails.
  • Sports activities and team building activities for companies.
  • Driving ATV four-wheelers on forest trail roads.
  • A hunting ground nearby.
  • The vicinity of various entertainment, cultural and historical sites makes Zdravkovac an ideal destination for an eventful vacation. We suggest the following jaunts to our guests:
    • Wine Route Oplenac – wine tasting in famous nearby wineries PIK Oplenac in Topola, and Aleksandrović in Vinča. Possibility of organizing wine tastings in our premises, with sommeliers from the above mentioned wineries.
      Oplenac Grape Harvest, a traditional three day festival of grapes, wine and national folklore held in Topola at the beginning of October, is among five most important and most visited manifestations in Serbia that we gladly recommend our guests to visit. For more than 50 years, visitors from all over the world have been enjoying in Serbian cuisine, themed exhibitions, folk arts and a rich cultural program, while unavoidable wine tasting enhances everyone’s soul and tells the story of the long tradition of producing this wonderful beverage in the wider area of Topola.
    • Visiting many monasteries on the mountain Rudnik, which played an important role in the preservation of the Serbian national identity, and represented the cultural center during the time period of the Nemanjić dynasty (Nikolje, Blagoveštenje, Voljavča, etc.). All the monasteries are in average 10-20km away from Zdravkovac, and some are even within walking distance, so you can choose between taking a walk through forest roads or getting there by car.
    • The remains of a 15th-century monastery complex have been recently discovered in the village of Jarmenovci, where Zdravkovac is located, and they are easily accessible by foot (distance of approximately 1km in one direction).

    • The greatest historical monuments of the Serbian people are within reach of Zdravkovac:
      • Topola Oplenac – St. George′s Church and the Mausoleum of the Karađorđević dynasty, the town of Karađorđe, the house of King Petar I, etc.
        Topola – Oplenac hill and St. George′s Church – the Mausoleum of the Karađorđević dynasty, the house of King Petar I, the king’s and queen’s villa, royal vineyards and royal cellar, the town of Karađorđe and the church of Holy Mother of God, which was built by the Great Serbian Vozd. Tickets for the museum complex – 400,00 RSD (
      • Orašac – a village best known as the starting point of the First Serbian Uprising against the Turks in 1804. The site includes: the church, memorial school, memorial fountain, monument to Karađorđe. Tickets for the memorial park – 150,00 RSD (
    • Natural beauty and natural sites surround Zdravkovac, we recommend the following:
      • Ostrovica, a hill (758m) within the Rudnik massif, 6km away from the town of Rudnik, is what is left of a destroyed volcanic cone, very interesting for the hikers. The highest of eight peaks above 1.000m is Cvijić’s peak (1.132 m), formerly known as Veliki Šturac.
      • Bukovička banja (wellness spa) in Aranđelovac with one of the most beautiful parks in the country and the springhead of mineral water, which was used at the palace of Prince Miloš Obrenović ( Near by you may find popular Aqua Park Izvor, which offers unforgettable summer experience for all ages
      • Risovača cave, situated at the very entrance of the town of Aranđelovac, was declared a monument of nature and a cultural monument of exceptional importance due to its natural features, and cultural and historical values. Hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists come to visit it on a yearly basis. Tickets – 200,00RSD (